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The Path to Sustainable Future

We bring life to buildings through façade greening. Turning concrete landscapes into thriving, sustainable spaces. Discover a new dimension of architecture that embraces nature's beauty and benefits.

Skyscraper with a green facade
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The Crawler stands as one of our two distinctive prototypes. It showcases sedum, a creeping succulent known for its mat-like growth pattern. Meticulous positioning and the plants characteristics combine to produce a lush, vibrant ground cover, complete with flowering varieties that attract pollinators.



Introducing "Cyclone": a minimalist prototype, designed to resist the harshest environments with little care. Within its sleek design, plants flourish from resilient concrete pockets that shield their robust root systems. This lightweight innovation serves as a cost-effective solution for transforming sun-exposed areas into verdant spaces.  

Automated Maintenance

Our innovative approach combines the beauty of green facades with automated maintenance. We are working on a technology that saves up to 90% of trimming costs. A robotic extension, deployed bi-annually, takes care of your vertical garden, abandoning manual labor and contributing to sustainability. Discover the future of digitalized facade greening with us.

Environmental Benefits

Green ​facades bring several benefits for the environment:

  • Air Purification

  • CO2 Reduction

  • Bolstering Biodiversity

  • Cooling Effects in Summer

  • Reduced Heating Costs 

  • Stormwater Management

  • Aesthetic Enhancement

Green and purple succulents

Elevating Value & Image

Enhance property allure, value, and corporate image with green walls. Beyond aesthetics, these living installations showcase an eco-conscious company, attracting like-minded clients and partners. Elevate your investment and aesthetics simultaneously with green walls – a testament to forward-thinking design and sustainability.

Our Low-Maintenance Solution

WaldWand's unique selling proposition (USP) lies in its low-maintenance approach, offering both financial and environmental savings. With reduced acquisition and conservation costs, our solution not only benefits your budget but also minimizes its ecological footprint.

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